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Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Career in the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry sometimes gets a bad rap. Customers don’t like the high costs of premiums, or they don’t like the restrictions and limitations of their policies. And then there are those who wouldn’t dare dream of a career in the insurance industry because it’s “all about the selling”. You surely HAVE to have the blood of a snake oil salesman in your veins to WANT to be involved in the insurance industry, right? Wrong. And here are 5 very excellent reasons to prove that thinking wrong.

Reason #1: You get to genuinely help people.

Most customers in today’s world don’t like to be sold on anything. Therefore, you aren’t a salesperson, but rather a source of information. You lead the customer to the information they need so that they can make the best, most informed decision regarding their insurance needs. You help them wade through all that information to find the most relevant bits so that they completely and fully understand. Along the way, you have to help them face fears they may not want to consider, decide on how much risk is too much, and ultimately, help them take control of their lives. You and your products can make a real difference in your customers’ lives.

Reason #2: You can brand yourself by being yourself.

Authenticity goes a long way when you are dealing with people face-to-face. When you are in their homes, or in their offices, up close and personal, you can’t help but show bits of yourself. And the insurance industry offers that kind of personal communication and interaction with your customers and clients. Integrity, honesty and personality go a long way toward being a successful agent, and make the industry perfect for those who can’t stand the thought of hiding behind a half-truth or a make-believe “professional” façade.

Reason #3: You can serve the community you wish to serve.

Many markets – women, minorities, small business – are greatly underserved. You can offer your expertise and services to those who need it most, to those you are most comfortable with. You are in the position to target your chosen market audience better than many other professionals, because they are in desperate need of your help, and waiting for someone like you to come along.

Reason #4: You can take your business online.

For the tech-savvy agent, there’s a world of opportunity in the insurance industry just waiting online. You can build a community, an informative and relevant website, and you can become somewhat of an authority in your field, with the right amount of effort, skill, and perseverance. You don’t have to be the stuffy guy in the stuffy suit. You can join the online market and thrive.

Reason #5: You can be a leader.

Imagine, you can have your own agency. You can stand out from the crowd. Even if you don’t take it that far, you can still be a leader to your customers, a coach to your clients. You can serve them, and your community, in ways you never dreamed possible. Remember, the insurance agency is all about changing lives, securing futures. No one can do that for so many people like an insurance agent can.

The insurance industry is all about serving others, and it takes someone with a serving, empathetic attitude to do that well. There’s a lot more to being successful in the insurance industry than just selling policies. And see? Not a drop of snake oil in sight.

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