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The Top 5 Cities in Washington State for Insurance Agent Salaries

Residents of Washington State have many things going for them – the beauty and majesty of the Pacific Northwest; vibrant, active, modern communities; and a unique sense of promise and hope for the future. (And then there’s the coffee.)

Recently, we looked at the average annual salaries of Washington’s insurance agents. The top five salaries, not surprisingly, are all located in the Seattle-Puget Sound region. All are above the average national annual salary for insurance agents. Here are the best cities to live in, in terms of insurance agent salaries, in the great state of Washington.


Bremerton, WA

Bremerton has the distinction of having the highest paid insurance agents in the entire state. Located just across Puget Sound from Seattle, Bremerton has a long history of association with the US Navy, and in fact has a naval museum of decommissioned ships. Insurance agents in Bremerton are averaging a salary of $50,565 a year. Good living in Bremerton!


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Bellevue, WA

Named as the 2nd best place to live in the country last year by USA Today, and in 2008 as the #1 city for starting a new business, Bellevue, WA is on a high and has been for some time. Across the lake from Seattle, Bellevue is Seattle’s largest and most prosperous suburb. Insurance agents in Bellevue can also ride a high – a high salary, that is, for the rest of the nation. Their average yearly salary is just shy of $50,000 a year, at $49,999. That’s a lot of coffee!

Seattle, WA

Coming in at number #3, but really tied for second place, Seattle’s insurance agents also enjoy an average annual salary of $49,999. This is likely to climb, as Seattle is the fastest growing city in the entire Pacific Northwest. Known for its artistic culture, its rain, and its unique atmosphere, Seattle has much to offer. From the film festival every year, to the many museums, to its outdoor recreation possibilities, there’s something for everyone in Seattle.

Everett, WA

The home of Boeing’s largest assembly plant – the largest building in the world by volume  – and the Navy’s aircraft carrier USS Nimitz, Everett, WA is a busy, growing city 25 miles north of Seattle. Insurance agents living and working in Everett earn the 3rd highest average annual salaries in the state, at $49,873. The city is home to 40 parks, including Jetty Island, a man-made island situated in the Sound, with no structures, running water, or electricity. There’s also the new Xfinity Arena, bringing top-notch acts to the city and its inhabitants.


Auburn, WA

Last on our list is Auburn. Auburn lies 28 south of Seattle, but it has a history and culture all its own. Home to many Craftsman style homes, and a downtown district with that old fashioned “Main Street, USA” appeal of a by-gone era, Auburn also has updated, modern aspects. Its efforts to modernize its historic downtown region earned it a Greenroads bronze certification, for placing utilities underground, upgrading fiber conduits and utilities. Insurance agents lucky enough to live in the Auburn area earn an annual average salary of $48,842.

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