Getting Started in Insurance After a Career Setback

Starting a new career after a setback–such as a layoff or furlough–can be a frustrating process, but there are several profitable options available these days that will allow you to earn on your own terms. One popular path is in insurance, and you can get started no matter what your educational background is. The key is to do some research and come up with a solid plan for your trajectory, including learning how to make the most of your existing skills and signing up for courses at Slater All Lines Insurance School that can help you move ahead with your own business. Read on for tips on how to get started in the insurance industry.

Do some research

The first step in starting a career in insurance is to research the various areas you could go into. These include investigating, claim adjusting, underwriting, or working with an agency to help individuals and families, among others. Once you have a good idea of what each of these jobs entails, you’ll be able to pinpoint the area you’re most interested in and look for courses to become certified. Some jobs in the insurance field require travel while others offer more flexible hours, so it’s important to make sure you understand what your responsibilities will be. It might be helpful to look at insurance companies online and get an idea of what they’re looking for and how they operate.

Get educated

Once you have an idea of the field you’re interested in, it’s time to plan for your education. Slater All Lines Insurance School offers online self-study courses so you can work at your own pace and prepare for the state exam, complete with downloadable textbooks and quizzes that will help you learn all about your preferred area of interest. Keep in mind that in Washington state, you’re required to renew your insurance license by taking some refresher courses after a certain amount of time has passed.

While certification courses are essential, it’s also important to take stock of the skills you already possess that will translate well in this field. Customer service, math, and analytical skills, and problem-solving abilities are all extremely helpful in the insurance business.

Boost your resume and prep for the interview

Once you have the certifications you need, it’s crucial to take a look at your resume and give it a little boost. Tailor it to the job you want and make sure it’s well-written and formatted; take some time with your cover letter as well. Utilize keywords that will make your resume stand out and highlight any accomplishments from school that will make an impact on a potential employer.

It’s also a good idea to practice for the interview by researching the companies you’re interested in. Ask a friend or family member to help out by holding a mock interview so you can get comfortable with asking and answering questions. The more at ease you are, the smoother the process will be. Once you’re prepared, think about the details; what time will you need to leave your house in order to arrive on time? If the interview will be conducted over the phone, think about writing down key points to avoid stumbling over your words.

Consider becoming an entrepreneur

Once you have some experience working for an established company, consider becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own agency. Working for yourself can be a bit scary at first, but it can provide a lot of freedom as well as financial opportunities. Of course, starting a business comes with a lot to think about, including how you’ll protect yourself. Forming a limited liability company is a great way to ensure that your assets are taken care of, and it comes with several benefits as well. LLC’s offer advantages like pass-through taxation and the flexibility to run your company the way you want, meaning you’ll have opportunities for as much growth as you can take on. Click here to find out more about starting an LLC, including the steps required for your specific state and the fees involved.

Starting a new career after a setback can be frustrating, exhilarating, stressful, or a combination of all three, but with some careful planning you can turn a scary change into a successful new path. You can also do some research and make connections on social media sites like LinkedIn to meet like-minded people in your field of interest.

Interested in learning more about the programs offered at Slater All Lines Insurance School? Get in touch today for information on how to get started with a course.