How do I navigate through the classroom?

  1. My Account – when clicked on, this area is where a student can view their order details under Orders and can change their login password & email address under Account Details.
  2. FAQs – located at the top and bottom of every page, this will show all frequently asked questions.
  3. My Classroom – the image above is the My Classroom dashboard overview and is what a student will see if they click on that link. A student can easily navigate back to the dashboard at anytime during their course of student by clicking this link. In the image above, this student has purchased all four insurance courses.
  4. Classroom Access – shows students when their classroom access expires.
  5. Total Study Time – this area keeps track of a student’s time spent under each course. In the image above, you will notice that this student has not started studying any of the courses except for Casualty, in which they have studied 1 hour and 41 minutes.
  6. Your Certificates – this area will show a link to the student’s completion certificate once they have completed the required amount of time and have completed the last step in the study process (please see Get Your Certificate of Completion at the end of this document for more details on that process). Once a student has completed the last step, this certificate link will be permanently displayed under this area for easy access should the student need to download or print it. In the image above, a Casualty certificate has been issued.
  7. Sideways Arrow Icon – click on this icon to show a list of all lessons under each course. A student may click on this arrow if they would like to see all lessons displayed right here on the dashboard, or they can click directly on the course name to be taken to the course page, which also lists out all of the lessons.
  8. This status bar indicates the percentage of lesson practice exams that have been completed.
  9. The status circle will show as a green checkmark once the student has completed all lessons in the course.


When I click on a textbook tutorial, I cannot see the document.

First, please make sure that you have downloaded and installed the free software, Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Another explanation might be that your browser is set to block pop-ups. Make sure that you disable your browser’s pop-up blocker, usually located under the browser Settings. Please search online for instructions on how to accomplish this for the specific browser you are using.

Why do I keep getting logged out of the classroom?

When reading the online textbook tutorials, after 30 minutes, you may be automatically logged off and asked to log back onto our Online Classroom. The reason this happens is to make sure that there is plenty of free space on our server for students to be taking the interactive practice exams, and so that students don’t stay logged in if they accidentally leave their computer on. We are sorry if this causes any inconvenience.

How do I change my online classroom password or email address?

  1. If you would like to update your email address, please contact us for help with that.
  2. If you would like to update your password, please logout of your account and then visit the main login page. Use the “Lost My Password” button on the main login form.

Do I have to score a certain percentage on the practice exams in order to complete the lesson?

No, your lesson will show as completed once you have read over the textbook tutorial and taken the practice exam at least once. For first-time test success, we do recommend that you retake our practice exams until you score at least 90% or above. On your state test, they can test you on anything and everything that is contained in the textbook. We have no way of knowing the exact wording of the State Exam questions, so it is extremely important that you memorize and understand the textbook material.

I have completed all lessons in my course but still have not reached the required study time. What should I do?

Please remember that live-lecture students attend class for at least 20 hours, then study on their own for many more hours. If you are a self-study student, keep this in mind. If you have completed all of the course lessons and still have not reached the required time in order to be issued a completion certificate, we recommend that you re-read all textbook tutorials and re-take all practice exams again.

For first-time test success, we recommend that you retake our practice exams until you score at least 90% or above. On your state test, they can test you on anything and everything that is contained in the textbook. We have no way of knowing the exact wording of the State Exam questions, so it is extremely important that you also memorize and understand the textbook material.

How do I get my Certificate of Completion?

If you are a Live-Lecture student, your certificate is issued to you during the last day of your class.

If you are a Self-Study student, your certificate is generated through the Online Classroom after you complete the required hours for the course. Once you have met the required 20 hours, your Certificate of Completion will be autogenerated. To complete this process and get your certificate, click on the Certificate lesson highlighted in yellow, located at the bottom of your course page. Then click one more time on the Insurance Certificate section highlighted in yellow.

NOTE: If you click on this lesson before you have completed your required study time, you will notice that you are not able to click through and you will be told that you have not completed the required number of hours.

Certify that you have read through all of the material and have completed the required study time by clicking Yes, then type in your First & Last Name. Click Continue.

Click Yes to print your certificate, then click Continue.

Click on Print My Certificate – this will open a PDF of your certificate, which you can then print or save/download. We recommend you both print and save. Make sure to print it out so that you can take it with you to your State Exam. Remember, this printed certificate acts as your entrance ticket at the testing site.

NOTE: Once you have completed this process, you will not be able to go through this step again to access your certificate, however, a link to access the certificate will be readily available on your My Classroom dashboard page, located at the bottom-right under Your Certificates.


My classroom access is about to expire. How do I purchase more time?

If your online classroom access is about to expire, please contact us so that we can help grant you 30 more days. Please call us at (425) 771-4870 or (800) 394-6662.

What can I expect when I take my state exam?

We have a detailed document explaining the testing procedure and what to expect on exam day. It is located on your My Classroom dashboard by clicking on the button that says ‘Read This First-Introduction.’