How do I renew my license with the State?

The only way to renew your Washington State insurance license is online. In order to renew a license in WA State, 24 hours of Continuing Education including 3 hours of ethics are required to be completed. For more information please visit

It is time for me to renew my insurance license but I cannot remember what courses I took for my last renewal. What do I do?

You can now repeat the same course numbers that you received credit for during your last renewal. You will find each course number listed on your continuing education completion certificate.

I know there is a 3-hour Ethics requirement to renew my insurance license but do I need to take an actual Ethics course to fulfill this requirement?

We have a continuing education course that has been assigned the required 3 hours of Ethics content, and if you choose this course, you do not need to take a separate Ethics course. If however you do not take this course with the combined 3 hours of Ethics content, you will need to take a separate Ethics course. We have several Ethics courses available that will help you fulfill this 3 hour requirement.

What do I need to take?

  • You may take any approved insurance continuing education course. An approved course is offered by bt approved providers.
  • You don’t have to take courses with subject matter that matches the lines of authority on your license.
  • Certification courses for annuities, flood and long term care also apply towards the continuing education hours. Prelicense courses for another line of insurance do not apply towards continuing education hours.

Do I have to take CE’s to renew?

What if Washington is my non-resident state?

  • Non-residents do not have to meet WA CE requirements to renew their Washington state license. However, there are some education requirements for transacting long-term care insurance business.
  • There are also requirements for flood insurance education and annuity suitability training, but you may have met these education requirements in your home state.

How do I know my CE courses are valid?

  • You took them from an approved provider. “Approved” means a provider has been granted authority by our office to offer insurance courses with CE credit.
  • You are not repeating a course you completed in your current renewal cycle. (Many courses have similar titles, so make sure you’re not repeating the same course number.)
  • You completed your courses during your current renewal cycle (between your last expiration date and current expiration date).

How long are my CE credits good for?

  • A certificate of completion is valid for 24 months from the date of completion. Course credit may only be applied toward renewal if completed within the current renewal cycle (between your last expiration date and current expiration date). A producer must maintain each continuing education certificate for 3 years
  • For reinstatement, courses must be completed within the 24 months prior to your application for reinstatement.
  • Excess credits cannot be carried over from one renewal cycle to the next.

What do I do after my CE is complete?

After completing your 24 hours of continuing education (including 3 hours of ethics) and receiving your completion certificates, please complete the following steps:

  • Log onto the Insurance Commissioner’s website @
  • Choose the For Producers tab (at top of page, center tab)
  • Scroll down to where Login has 3 options listed under the heading.
  • Click on Licensee Login

This will bring you to the OIC Online Services login page. Key in the letters LIC followed by your license number. If you are registered, key in your password. If you do not know your user id or your password, follow the “forgot user id/password” link. If you have not registered, click the ‘register’ link and follow the instructions.

Once you are logged in, click on the Renew License link. You will need your certificate of completion for verification of the course number, provider code, and completion date located on it. You will then be able to fill out the renewal application, pay for the renewal of your license, and print your new license immediately.

➢ If you have any questions, please contact the Insurance

Commissioner’s Office at (360)-725-7144 Monday – Friday, 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. Or click on the link at the bottom of the Producers page from the commissioner’s site.