How to sell more insurance policies

Closing the Deal – Making Them Want to Say “Yes”

One of the most terrifying moments for each and every salesperson is the “closing of the deal”. You’ve just delivered the most awesome presentation of your products or services. You’ve just laid it all out there on the line. And now, you have to face the possibility of rejection. The possibility that all your hard work, your blood-sweat-and-tears preparation, and possibly this month’s ability to pay the utility bills, could all be an exercise in futility.

Part of your fear is that rejection, especially in insurance sales, is a reality. Anywhere from 80 to 90% of your clients may say “No”. But there are ways to dispel the fear involved in closing the sale AND defeat their powers of rejection. It all comes down to changing your approach to “making sales”.

Change Your Mind

stop trying to make money sales

The biggest thing you can do to help make more sales is to STOP thinking like a salesperson.

The biggest thing you can do to help make more sales is to STOP thinking like a salesperson. Make the subtle shift from salesman to marketer. Marketers are focused on their customers. They use proven marketing techniques, understand the psychology behind why people buy, and follow certain “rules” of marketing accordingly.

Salesmen, on the other hand, are only out to make a buck. They don’t care too much about whether or not the prospect is someone who might actually buy what they have to offer. They figure if they make enough sales pitches, eventually someone will bite, and then they can reel them in, hook, line, and sinker. Stop trying to make money. Start trying to make clients. Remember that there are REAL people holding those wallets. Think of them, and not yourself or your profits, and you’ll be well on your way to sales success.

Sell the Benefits, NOT the Features

insurance benefits-sales

You’ve got a great product. You offer some phenomenal customer service. You treat your clients better than you treat most of your family. But you still aren’t making sales. They never get to the point of finding out just how great you actually are at being their agent. Why? Because you are focused on the products and services you have to offer, instead of on the people you are addressing.

Make them feel the peace of mind they’ll get from knowing they’ll leave their family financially secure in the event of their death. Give them an image of a well-cared-for-family in the event of a fire, flood or accident. Help them to see a stress-free future, all because of your offerings. Marketers know that prospects are more willing to buy when they can visualize themselves already in possession of the product.

If all you are focused on is how great your “stuff” is, you’ll miss the sale more than you’ll succeed. If you can make them either feel great for having your “stuff” OR make them feel as though they are sorely missing out without your “stuff”, you’ll be more likely to close those deals. Show them what’s in it for them, and they’ll be more apt to be in your stable of clients.

Create Relationships, NOT Customers


Remember when we changed our point of view from seeing sales to seeing clients? To seeing the human behind the cash? Now that you’ve established a human connection, nurture it. Treat your prospects with the courtesy, respect, and honor they deserve. They will, after all, keep all those bills paid. Offer them personalized service. Address them as THEY prefer, not as your organization or upbringing would have you do. Make them feel as though they are special to you. They aren’t just another tally in your sales column for the month.

Great marketers know that success comes from building relationships with your clients. Don’t scrimp on the relationship once the deal has been made, either. Continue to offer great value and service. It’ll go a long way toward gaining new clients via word of mouth and professional referrals, too. They’ll let everyone know just how good you are at your job, and you’ll soon find yourself closing even more sales for your troubles.

Making sales isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be the “impossible dream” many failed sales people make it out to be. Change your mind, change your habits, and change your life through better relationships. Your sales will change, as well.