5 Benefits of Using Our Online Classroom to Study for Your Insurance Exams

As an up and coming insurance agent, you have to take your state’s insurance exams. It’s a given; there’s no way around it. And before you can take that exam, you’ll have to study. There are several ways you can choose to study for your state test. Below we compare the different study methods for you, so you can decide for yourself.

Approach #1: Test Prep Manual

There’s an entire national industry devoted to developing and selling Washington State insurance exam test preparation manuals. And there’s a high demand for them, especially among busy insurance students. The manuals from the national companies are great – they provide appropriate information, graphs and charts, and practice tests. That’s their good points. Their bad points far outweigh their good, in our opinion. Let’s see…..they can be quickly outdated since they are not located in Washington State or printing material for our state alone. From the time it takes to write them and publish them, things can change. Important things like laws and best practices.

Approach #2: In-Person Classes (US!!)

You know the drill – go to class, learn some stuff, take a test. Live-lecture, in-person, insurance classes do offer several advantages over studying for the whole thing on your own. If you like the feel of a textbook-type manual, and you like to highlight or write notes in the margins, the textbook is a must purchase if you study yourself online. However, the manual comes for free when you attend a live-lecture test prep class. And then there’s the live instructor. It can be helpful to have someone to answer questions, and to give real-world examples. And even though you will have to fit a few class days into your already busy lifestyle and schedule, it can save you time and money in the long run if you pass your state test on the first time.

Approach #3: Online courses (US!!)

We offer the best possible choice, we believe, in our online courses. Why? We’ll give you five reasons.

  1. Various learning materials – We offer interactive test prep quizzes, as well as reading materials. We try to accommodate many learning styles and personalities. We’re more than just a boring old book or a live lecture insurance crash course.
  2. Flexibility – No class to arrange your life and work schedule around. Access the online classroom 24 hour a day, 7 days a week. Fit us in between meetings or household chores. We’re here when you want to be here.
  3. Cost – Our online classroom is offered at a reduced cost from our instructor-taught live lecture classes. While these classes tend to produce more first time test success, self studying online is a great second option. There are companies out there who charge hundreds of dollars for just 30 days of access to the study materials. Slater Insurance School offers training at an affordable price.
  4.  Adaptability – We can add new and updated material to our online classroom, at any time, instantly. We don’t have to wait until the next edition of the textbook comes out. We can be up to date within days, if not hours, of changes to insurance laws or accepted practices. Our information is always on top and up to date.
  5. Effectiveness – We have great first-time test success rate. Interactive test questions that simulate a real exam experience, whether solely online or blended with in-person classes, tend to see students performing better on exams and tests, and retaining what they’ve learned longer. Want to be a better student? Study with us.

Now that we’ve laid it all there for you, we think you’ll agree that our online classroom is THE place to be when studying for your insurance exams. Our variety, our flexibility, our cost, our adaptability and our effectiveness speak for themselves.