For self-study orders placed before August 27, 2017:  The original version of our Online Classroom only tracks the time you spend testing, and is only viewable by the user. Our system cannot keep track of your time spent studying online or offline, outside of the practice exams. You must keep track of your own hours on the timesheet we provided, then send us in your timesheet so that we can issue you a certificate of completion. We suggest writing down a starting and ending time. Lost your timesheet? Get another one here.

For self-study orders placed after August 27, 2017:  The new version of our Online Classroom keeps track of your study time, whether reading the textbook tutorials or taking practice exams, as long as you are logged into your account. Your total study time is shown to you on every page, and once you have reached the required study hours for your course, you can then prompt a certificate of completion to be generated. Your certificate is available immediately to save and print.

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