One fingerprint card is required to be on file with the Insurance Commissioner to become licensed as a Producer in WA state. You may schedule your fingerprint service for the same time as you take your exam or for a later time with Identogo. Identogo does efingerprints and submits them electronically to the state patrol for you. Fingerprint reservations must be scheduled online through or by phone at (888) 771-5097. You must pay for the service ahead of time with a credit card when you make your appointment. You pay them $55.00 for the fingerprint card and for electronically filing it with the state patrol ($15.00 to $25.00 fingerprint charge plus $30.00 to $40.00 processing fee). Fingerprint fee is approx. $45 total. You must have your prints processed in order to receive an insurance license. Printing done for other reasons (securities, real estate, etc. do NOT work.) Adding lines to an existing producers license does not require a new set of fingerprints to be taken.

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